Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care

It’s all about service. We come here to serve. How that passion for service is carried out provides for the spiritual needs of residents, their families and PioneerCare staff.

Building relationships with residents is a key element of what Chaplain David Strom does each day. By the time a resident comes to us, they may have already experienced a great deal of loss: loss of the family home, family members, friends, and possibly their home church as they’ve moved away.

PioneerCare’s chaplaincy program helps create community. Together we look at photos, have coffee and talk about those things that were part of our lives. This feeling of belonging offers a sense of hope, comfort, and security. Chaplaincy services are available every day at PioneerCare. A variety of choices include Bible studies, worship services, communion, music, and one-on-one spiritual visits.

Our chaplaincy services are dedicated to meeting people where they are in their lives and to minister to their families as well. Pioneer is sensitive to each individual’s spiritual life and offers ministry that best fits individual needs. Nurture and kindness, caring and compassion — that’s what chaplaincy at PioneerCare is all about.

Contact Chaplain David Strom by phone at: 218.998.1504

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