Hearts & Hands Employee Recognition

Annual Need of $75,000+

The finest compliment Pioneer can receive happens when families ask how they can honor and lift up the work of our caregivers who work with their loved ones around the clock. Each year, staff are given bonuses based on their hours of service. Ideally, these stipends are funded by both Pioneer corporate resources and by donor funds.

As Pioneer has grown in service, so has the number of our employees creating an annual need of more than $75,000. This need can be met through annual gifts or by establishing endowment funds where the endowment remains intact and earnings fund our need.

The Schmidt Family Memorial Endowment is an example of invested funds at work honoring our staff. In 1999, a tenant at Pioneer Pointe, Harold Schmidt contributed more than $250,000 to establish the Schmidt Family Memorial endowment through lifetime gifts. The gift was established to honor his beloved wife Myrtle Engebretson Schmidt and his parents, Emma and Louis Schmidt.


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