In 1929, the Pioneer Home Sunshine Society was the beginning of what is now the Pioneer Auxiliary. Their purpose was to benefit Pioneer Home and provide for the physical and spiritual comforts of the residents.

Today, the Pioneer Auxiliary continues the mission of the Sunshine Society with a variety of annual events and fundraising projects.

Auxiliary members volunteer their time to assist with resident activities such as bingo, birthday parties, holiday baking, and special events. The Auxiliary also sponsors educational events for employees and the general public. Through special event fundraisers like Apple Dumpling Day, an Annual Quilt Raffle, Flowery Fridays, and more, Pioneer Auxiliary helps to fund the purchase of items and sponsor events for the care and well-being of Pioneer residents.

Pioneer Auxiliary Board

  • Honey Anderson
  • Jean Blondeau, Treasurer
  • Elle Halberstad
  • Jackie Klinnert, Vice President
  • Renee Lindahl, Resident Liaison
  • Barb Lorsung, President
  • Joyce Nerdahl
  • Carol Pocta, Secretary
  • Ardis Searles
  • Lois Stinogel
  • Donna Toso
  • Norma Worden
  • Emily Samp, Staff Auxiliary Liaison


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