Justin’s Second Full Week

June 26, 2018 

Another week comes to an end as I complete the second full week of my internship. It was another great week at PioneerCare starting Monday as I went through employee orientation where I learned a bunch of cool stuff and even got to practice putting out fires with a fire extinguisher. I also witnessed some of the inspiring qualities that makes PioneerCare great, like their tremendous teamwork and adaptability. After orientation I met with Carla, the chief financial officer, who took time out of her busy schedule to teach me some new accounting information. On Tuesday, I got to spend some time in marketing with Steve, the marketing and development director, where I got to work on a special project and go over some of the fundamentals that go into marketing. Every Tuesday when I get off work, I drive back to Fargo and coach Special Olympics softball and my athletes had a tremendous game. Wednesday morning, I worked on paperwork and attended a few meetings and in the afternoon I was invited to go out shopping with some of the residents. I got to hear some of their cool stories and even met some of their friends we bumped into out in the community. After shopping I had to race back to Fargo to give my last school presentation and take a final exam. Only two more exams left and I am done with classes. Thursday and Friday I spent the majority of the day working on a special project with Steve.

Thanks for reading and feel free to stop me and say “Hi” in the hallways at PioneerCare Center.

– Justin Boldt, Administrative Intern

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