About Us

Pioneer is the name chosen in 1928 because we were committed to a new and better way of care. Since then, our commitment to care for those who cared for us is

Nathan Johnson, CEO & Administrator

Nathan Johnson, CEO & Administrator

still the cornerstone of our mission. Our organization has been built over time with exceptional people giving of themselves.Through service above self, we continue our tradition of reliability and we earn trust through our programs and services. Indeed, our reputation is rooted in scores of exceptional friends. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to these friends and to the community for allowing Pioneer to touch so many lives over the years.Our dedicated staff serves people 24 hours every day. Through World War II and times of peace, through economic boom and the Great Depression, through Minnesota blizzards and glorious summer days, staff commitment has always been extraordinary.

Our volunteers give strength to our work every day through countless hours of their time. These gifts of self continue to define us and lead us into the future.

Our work begins and ends with this in mind: “Your home is our home. Your choice is our choice.”

We are an organization with a rich history of service, service with a heart of care that beats with compassion. Our mission has remained the same since we opened our doors in 1928:

“To promote quality of life in a Christ-like way for those we serve by providing diverse and holistic care focusing always on individual dignity and worth.”

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