Enhanced Chaplaincy Fund

PioneerCare is committed to providing holistic care for each of its residents. While PioneerCare already has a superb chaplaincy program, a spiritual development program provides an added level of care. Currently Pastor Harry Olson, with assistance from Pastor Chris Eldredge, has full responsibility for all the residents of the PioneerCare Center, PioneerCare Suites, the Cottages and Pioneer Pointe. As our programs have grown, so have the spiritual needs of those we serve.

Life transitions demand emotional, physical and spiritual strength. The transition from independent living is a major life transition and is accompanied by specific spiritual needs.

At PioneerCare it is our goal to acknowledge this and provide a way for residents to grow in their spiritual lives. The Chaplaincy Fund will allow us to staff expanded programming meeting the needs for many who require in depth spiritual work.


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