Words from PioneerCare Employees

Administrators, marketing staff and human resources people are supposed to tell you how great it is to work for a company. What do others say? Here’s what they say at PioneerCare. Click the two links below to listen to current employees – our nurses, CNAs, dietary people, the drivers who bring residents to medical appointments every day:

Words from Employees #1

Words from Employees #2

“I truly experience a sense of family every day at PioneerCare. It’s a blessing to work in an environment where what we do is more than just a job.” - Cindy, neighborhood coordinator

“A lot of it is personal attitude, and being part of a group who truly cares about the well being of others makes me feel like I’m going to my second home.” - Liane, volunteer coordinator

“Good clients, good team, good work – what more could you ask for?” – Mike, nurse

“Working at PioneerCare is a privilege! I think of it as a ministry in reaching out to others, offering compassion and a caring spirit. It is so gratifying to receive a smile from a resident or a firm hand-grasp. To hear the words ‘thank you for the visit’ and observe other caregivers lovingly lend a listening ear – or genuine concern is shown for a resident – makes PioneerCare Center truly a beautiful home.” - Jim, activities coordinator

“At Pioneer, I am able to work with many wonderful co-workers. It’s not just a place to come and work, but a place where there are opportunities daily to make someone’s day brighter, to let them know they are loved and special. It is a place where I receive smiles, hugs and conversations from residents, and I am blessed.” - Cynthia, neighborhood coordinator

“You probably won’t believe me, but every day’s a good day at Pioneer.” – Dennis, driver and maintenance staff

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