Dining Services

Guest Meals: New Policy

While family and friends are welcome to dine with patients/residents at PioneerCare Center, we are requiring a 24 hour notice of your plans to do so. Please call 218-998-1500 to make your reservation or see the receptionist on 2nd floor for your meal ticket.

Meal Cost (Effective June 10, 2015)

  • Noon Meal                      $8.00
  • Breakfast & Supper         $5.00

Please pay the receptionist on 2nd floor to receive your meal ticket. You will need a meal ticket to eat.

If you are visiting on the weekend, please give the receptionist a call the Friday before by 4:30 PM and your meal ticket will be left on the household where you are visiting.

The exact payment for the meal is required. No change will be available.

For Holiday Reservations at the Care Center, please email Jessica or call 218-998-1500.


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